Business Report: A Body In Motion: 5 Ways To Increase Your Personal Collective Momentum

posted 12 days ago

If you wake up every day to find yourself going through the motions without feeling truly fulfilled, it’s time to disrupt your environment and create your own momentum. To find a fresh take on improving a business through personal development, we went to John C. Neyland, president of JCN Financial & Tax Planning Group. John is also an in-demand speaker on how to live a purpose-driven life. A noted expert in this area, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on NBC and ABC. John has made it his life’s mission to inspire and teach others to enjoy a life they never thought possible. John reminds us, “Aligning your energy for collective momentum will allow you to live the life you’ve yet to dream.”

8 Steps That Can Lead You To A More Fulfilling Life

posted over 1 year ago

Three Tips That Will Help You Have The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

posted over 1 year ago


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The writer John C. Neyland, author of the book 'How To Live The Life You've Yet To Dream', shares in his text a series of tips that will help us to have the life we ​​have always dreamed of, but for that it is important Put yourself in the other's place and not repeat your mistakes. Read more here.

Todays Honoree: John C. Neyland

posted over 1 year ago

Todays Honoree

John C. Neyland was born into a troublesome home environment in South Louisiana. With an abusive father and a depressed, alcoholic mother, John experienced a hurtful and unloving childhood. To read more, click here.

'i’m Never Going To Retire': After Childhood Of Abuse, John Neylands Wants To Spend Life Helping Others

posted over 1 year ago

The Advocate

Life could have broken John Neyland. Shattered him.

He remembers at age 5 hiding in a broom closet with two siblings as his father beat his mother. They heard her scream. They heard dishes breaking. They heard his closed fist striking her face. They knew what would happen to them if they intervened. Find out more here.

How A Distribution Plan Can Maximize Retirement Plan Assets

posted over 1 year ago

The Dollar Stretcher

You've spent your entire working life building your retirement accounts. Now as you're about to retire, it's time to begin thinking about how to distribute the funds in your retirement accounts. What does the law require? What about taxes? Does it make a difference which retirement account you withdraw from first? See more here.

3 Strategies For Living A Life That Makes A Difference In 2017

posted over 1 year ago


It’s common for people to think about putting their mark on the world and leaving it a better place than when they arrived. But in many cases people fail to put those thoughts into action – possibly because they’re hesitant to step outside their comfort zones. Too often we’re taught to be fearful and that hampers the actions we take and the decisions we make. We need to be taught to be courageous. Read more here.

8 Steps That Can Lead You To A More Fulfilling Life

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There’s a reason people love the start of a New Year – or the first day of spring, or maybe the first day of school. The idea of a clean slate – of making changes or starting over fresh – can be exhilarating. Find out more here.

4 Times It May Make Sense To Take Social Security Early

posted over 1 year ago


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The Fiscal Times

Conventional wisdom dispensed by financial planners about taking Social Security largely boils down to this: Wait as long as you can. That’s because delaying means a bigger monthly payment. Read more here.

6 Keys To A Successful Life

posted over 1 year ago

Glamour Magazine 

Reach your goals and fulfill each of your dreams! We give you the keys to start a successful life today! Read more here!

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