October 2018 Speaker’s Bureau with Alex Bernal

Part 1 of a 2-Part series which focused on Basics of Risk, Volatility and Economic Data Modeling and other critical information on Global Risks, Recession Risk, Reducing Risk and how it drives JCN Financial’s strategy

August 2018 Speakers’ Bureau with Alex Bernal

August 2018 discussed the technical analysis vs. quantitative applied statistics, as well as important statistics and expectations and Oliva & Factor review of our new model.​ To learn more click on the link…

July 2018 Speakers’ Bureau with Ryan Hall

July 2018 discussed Strength Science Studios and Slow Resistance Strength Training, as well as 2018 JCN Mid-Year Review. To learn more click on the link…

May 2018 Speakers’ Bureau with Dave Berstrom

May 2018 discussed more of a deep dive into some new JCN research, back to the basics and investing. To learn more, click on the link…

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