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Fact, Fiction, or Fear?

The news stations’ objective is to create the most noise they can yet serving no one but themselves. I won’t say it is interesting; maybe it’s more remarkable how apparent it is to me that this station’s only objection was to sell fear. It is bothersome to me that this kind of thing affects some people. I trust I have brought enough education and understanding where you don’t fall victim to those seeking to prey on others. 

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We strive to provide our clientele with copious amounts of educational material so that their financial decisions are made with a clear idea of what exactly they are doing. Click on the the links below for some articles to further your knowledge. 

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Appleby provides a compilation of IRA Guides with features, benefits, rules and tips.

Hidden Costs

Many are not aware that mutual funds have cost embedded within them that are not disclosed.

Funds Exposed

Email us for your complimentary copy of "Mutual Funds Exposed" By Kenneth Kim and William Nelson to discover financial freedom.

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