Before investing your money, you should always start with a plan.

With the information you provide below, John will create a comprehensive financial plan and analyze your current financials. From there, you will be able to determine inefficiencies such as excess cash flow, excessive taxation and identify underperforming investments. 

If you prefer for these questions to be asked over the phone with with a financial associate please call our office at 225-755-0488 to set up an appointment.

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1. Brokerage Statements, 401(K) statements, IRA statements, 403(b) statements **Any current statements on investment accounts listing current allocations and balances will allow us to provide greater clarity in composing your financial plan. 2. Previous 1-2 year tax returns 3. Social Security benefits statements. **If you do not have a SS statement, they are available on or we can pull the statement with you during the appointment.
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