Homecoming Troubles

Educating is the difference maker for all of us. It can be the difference between pleasure and pain. That’s right, a proper education can help us avoid unnecessary pain. I can give an example to demonstrate this.

I was in 11th grade and agonizing day by day. You see Homecoming was approaching and I had found the girl that I wanted to ask. This was no problem for me, I knew it. I did have a big problem though. I just didn’t have the guts to ask her. I would start each day with that intention and then undoubtedly lose my nerve.

However one day I got an education. My best friend shared with me one School morning that he was going to ask Karen Williams to Homecoming. I thought to myself “KAREN WILLIAMS”! With this knowledge I had to act and I had to act fast. Well the rest is a memory, I asked her out to homecoming and three and a half years later I married her. Not just married her, she is the best decision of my life. Consider this, what would have happened had I not received and education from my best friend that he was going to ask her our. I only know this, I doubt very seriously that I would have asked her on that day. I may have missed my chance to make the best decision of my life. It would have been a mistake. I would have made a mistake for the reasons we all  make them. I would not have known better, I would not have had the proper education.

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