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Giving Hope

Living a Humdinger Life

Hope is scarce amongst disenfranchised youth. John addresses the issues that inner-city communities face daily. Through John’s involvement in mentoring and philanthropy, he has provided hope to the communities that need it most. 

Living a Humdinger Life

Motivation, determination, and philanthropy. John Neyland delves into the question “how do I improve my life” in a monthly dialogue with community organizers, disenfranchised youth, and others. Through JCN Speaks and John’s Dream Foundation, John has been able to help those achieve their dreams and live a life that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Donate Today

John Neyland emphasizes the importance of helping one’s neighbor. John’s Dream foundation embodies such virtues through philanthropy, charity, and investment within disenfranchised communities. Donate today to help make a difference and together, we can make a dream become a reality.

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