6 Keys To A Successful Life

posted about 1 month ago

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Reach your goals and fulfill each of your dreams! We give you the keys to start a successful life today! Read more here!

8 Steps That Can Lead You To A More Fulfilling Life

posted about 1 month ago

There’s a reason people love the start of a New Year – or the first day of spring, or maybe the first day of school.

The idea of a clean slate – of making changes or starting over fresh – can be exhilarating.

“It isn’t necessarily that you don’t like the life you live,” says John C. Neyland, author of How to Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream ( “It’s just that you suspect there’s something you’re missing – something more fulfilling.”

Business Report: A Body In Motion: 5 Ways To Increase Your Personal Collective Momentum

posted about 1 month ago

If you wake up every day to find yourself going through the motions without feeling truly fulfilled, it’s time to disrupt your environment and create your own momentum. To find a fresh take on improving a business through personal development, we went to John C. Neyland, president of JCN Financial & Tax Planning Group. John is also an in-demand speaker on how to live a purpose-driven life. A noted expert in this area, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on NBC and ABC. John has made it his life’s mission to inspire and teach others to enjoy a life they never thought possible. John reminds us, “Aligning your energy for collective momentum will allow you to live the life you’ve yet to dream.”

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