Educating Swayze

In my lifetime there are numerous times I made a mistake. I mowed yards as a young man and from time to time I would recruit my younger brother (5 years younger) to help mow the yards. 

On any given day he may blow, sweep, operate the string trimmer, pick up trash, you know the things that go along with maintaining a lawn. On this particular day I decided to let him operate the riding mower. All was well until the belt came off. My little brother, Swayze got off of the mower and attempted to put the belt back on. He had never done this before. You guessed it, something bad happened! His finger got caught and the belt took off the tip of his finger. It was a mistake, it didn’t happen on purpose. Why then did it happen, why did he make this mistake? Simple he lacked the education to replaced the belt. He didn’t know what he was doing. I put the belt back in place numerous times yet I was never injured, I didn’t make that mistake, why? Because I was educated in the process. When I bought this used mower the owner taught me, educated me on the belt replacement as this could be a common occurrence.

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