John C. Neyland

John C. Neyland, a Louisiana native, is Founder and President of JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group, LLC, in Baton Rouge. As an Investment Advisor Representative and Ed Slott CPA Master Elite Advisor, John specializes in retirement planning with a concentration on tax-efficient distribution strategies.

Over the years, John has been a featured advisor in the Wall Street Journal, the Platinum Record, and Registered Rep magazine. He is a frequent guest on WJBO 1150, NBC33, WAFB9 and ABC2 news programs. John was the host of “What You Most Need to Know” on 107.3 FM radio. The program focused on the tax treatment of qualified plans and featured CPA Ed Slott as a guest, along with technical experts from Mr. Slott’s firm.

As a professional in estate planning and financial services, John provides a comprehensive financial analysis and customized financial plan to meet the unique needs of each client. John is committed to giving each client personal attention and respect, and the sound, achievable financial plan they deserve.

Over the years, it has become apparent to John that it is much easier to avoid a mistake than to fix one. He frequently notes that very few people have a financial plan, and fewer yet have a life plan. Many of John’s speeches illustrate the mistake of focusing primarily on investments. “You have a plan to raise your children, a plan to go to college, a plan to buy a car, a plan to buy a house, a plan to embark on a career,” John has said, “yet few people have a financial plan and fewer still have a life plan.”

John was heavily influenced in his career by his father, an accountant who owned four 24-hour restaurants in addition to an income tax and accounting service. As a young man working alongside his father, he came to understand the value of saving a dollar by reducing one’s taxes. It didn’t seem right to John that the business owner, who takes all of the risks and works long hours, is penalized for his or her success by having to pay higher taxes as well as the match of Social Security and Medicare. Furthermore, John recognized that many business owners are so dedicated and focused on running their businesses, they don’t have the time or resources to learn how to keep more of what is theirs. One of John’s firms focuses on teaching high–net worth business owners how they may find cash balance plans a tool to do just that.

In his ongoing efforts to serve the community, John hosts educational workshops through Speakers’ Bureau, a monthly educational event offering the public the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding their current finances and future retirement planning needs. He is also a philanthropist committed to empowering disadvantaged youth.

John is the author of How to Have the Life You’ve Yet to Dream and an avid sponsor of local charitable organizations. For over 16 years, John has invested profits from his firm and spent many hours volunteering to help underprivileged youth. He always strives to make a difference in the life of each person he meets. John Neyland is a dedicated husband and father of three and values the importance of family. John attributes his successes to having passion, mission and goal.

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