The Difference

Unlike most other financial advisory groups, JCN Financial is not driven by commissions. We are your fiduciary, and our clients rest assured that there is never a conflict of interest.

No Products

We don’t buy products. Here’s why — products, like mutual funds, have hidden fees and are inefficient. These are often not disclosed. At JCN, we want you to know the cost up-front (fee-based). Instead of selling a product, such as a mutual fund or annuity, we hand-pick investments. Our investment strategy is based on a scientific, mathematical approach that identifies undervalued stocks, which are chosen based on the quality of their balance sheets.

Live life

We don’t just invest your money, we invest your time as well. John will discuss your investments with you but more importantly educate you on spending. Sounds odd coming from a financial advisor? This importance stems from the fact that most investments are money that will never be spent. John takes the time to sit with his clients and show them how to dream goals they didn’t know were possible. At JCN, we focus on fun by providing clients with a life they otherwise would not have had.

customer service

We highly value customer service and our clients testify to that. One of the main factors that separates us from corporate firms is that you are able to directly communicate with the team that is managing your accounts. Our staff ensures that our clients’ needs are met on a daily basis with prompt communication and direct transparency.

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