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Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Baton Rouge and Houston

JCN Financial offers comprehensive financial and tax planning services to the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Houston communities.

Welcome to JCN Financial

Do you have someone looking out for your best financial interests?

The fiduciary financial advisors at JCN Financial provide clients with comprehensive, goal-driven financial services that put YOU at the center. We can help you to achieve your financial goals as well as your life goals.

Actionable Financial Advice

We take pride in helping our clients create goals they didn’t know were possible. Money is a doorway, not a destination. Our advice is centered around giving our clients a happy, fulfilled life. We encourage our clients to live the life they’ve yet to dream of daily.

Financial Planning

We create personalized comprehensive financial plans that include high-net-worth tax planning, high-net-worth retirement planning, and high-net-worth investment management that focus on you and your goals. Our fiduciary financial advisors are dedicated to putting your needs first, meaning our financial plans are all about doing what is best for you, your finances, and your life.

Investment Management

We focus on quality over quantity and making the most out of your investments. Rather than using a shotgun approach, our Baton Rouge investment planning strategies focus on details, which prevents inefficient portfolios.

Our Mission

To enable others to have a life they otherwise would not have.


One of John’s most important mottos is to have FUN. Over the years, John has encouraged his clients to fly first class, take their dream family vacation, buy their desired car, and much more. Seeing his clients enjoying their life brings John great joy.

John’s Dream

John has an intense passion for helping others discover their self-worth. John established the John’s Dream Foundation as an organization dedicated to positively transforming lives and mindsets nationally.


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