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How CEO John Neyland Founded JCN Financial

A Tough Start

My name is John Neyland, founder and CEO of JCN Financial. At a very young age, I learned that money could either be a doorway or a barricade to one’s happiness.

Growing up, money was always an issue. My mother was an alcoholic and often struggled to pay our family’s bills. I saw firsthand how money could affect a person’s life, for better or for worse. Although those times were especially tough, my memory of her hardship gave me the drive to help others, a drive that is instilled in me to this day.

I believe that no one should have a barricade blocking them from finding happiness. Life is to be enjoyed, not dreaded. I knew then that I wanted things to change, but it would take one particular day for me to realize what I could offer other people.

A Helping Hand

Prior to becoming a financial advisor, I was in the contracting business. One day, my mother-in-law shared her concern about losing money in her investments. Although I had no experience in the matter, I felt it was important for me to help her.

I accompanied her to a meeting with her financial advisor, expecting a considerate and proactive environment. After all, isn’t the point of an advisor to help their clients? To advise them on how to make things better for themselves.

As I witnessed, that’s apparently not the case for every financial advisor.

I was largely underwhelmed and disappointed with his service. There was no financial or retirement plan in place for my mother-in-law. The advisor sitting across from us could not explain why she was losing money, and when she expressed concern, he kept repeating, “Hold on, and it will come back.” I was flabbergasted. I remember thinking to myself, “Is this how other advisory firms speak to their clients? Are they all this unhelpful?”

I knew that in order for people like my mother-in-law to get financial planning, there had to be advisors out there with a passion for their work and a passion to assist their clients. Unfortunately, I saw no passion that day, and someone dear to me was losing money because of it. Losing the ability to bring her retirement to reality.

I wouldn’t stand for it. I couldn’t. So, I got to work.

A New Path

That month, I quit the contracting business and studied to become a financial advisor, starting in my own community. That dreadful meeting with that advisor inspired me to begin a new career path as I saw the potential of helping hundreds, and hopefully thousands, of people with their finances and their life goals.

I started JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group to give people a better experience. Our mission is to enable others to have a life they otherwise would not have.

As a fiduciary financial advisor, I now understand the importance of having a financial advisor that will only act in your best interest. Any client that walks through our doors is treated as family. I see every client as someone who has the opportunity to live the life they have always dreamed of no matter their circumstances.

Putting Your Future First

If you are looking for a financial advisor, JCN Financial is a financial planning firm that puts clients like you first. We provide a wide range of services, including comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, and high-net-worth tax planning. Together, we can create a financial plan that will be tailored to meet not only your financial goals but your personal goals as well.

Whenever I meet someone in need of help, I think back to my own mother and my mother-in-law, the individuals who inspired me to pursue a path of helping others achieve their financial dreams. This attitude is carried out in everything we do at our firm. This is what makes JCN Financial stand out from the rest.


One of John’s most important mottos is to have FUN. Over the years, John has encouraged his clients to fly first class, take their dream family vacation, buy their desired car, and much more. Seeing his clients enjoy their lives brings John great joy.


John has an intense passion for helping others discover their self-worth. John established the John’s Dream Foundation as an organization dedicated to positively transforming lives and mindsets nationally.


John’s secondary business, Strength Science Studios, is a personal training studio specializing in high-intensity resistance training that emphasizes time under tension to build muscle. Our exercises have been shown to improve stability and reduce falls in the elderly. We facilitate workouts that produce results by catering to your unique body type and age.

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