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Nearly two decades ago, JCN Financial CEO John Neyland was working as a contractor when he accompanied his mother-in-law to a financial advisory meeting regarding her savings. By the end of the meeting, John was motivated by the thought that there were so many others like his mother-in-law who were seeking financial clarity without getting results. Though he may not have realized it then, this meeting sparked the fire in John that would lead him to start JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group in 2002.

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Expertise Award

Our goal as financial planners is to evaluate, develop, and optimize strategies that not only aid in the implementation of a plan, but also ensure that through education, our clients understand “why” we’re advising them in a certain direction.

We provide our clients with knowledge of the rules, plans, and penalties that come with financing. This experience involves every client in a continual learning process, about their own funds and transactions, and also about potential markets and tax traps to avoid.

Our level of customer service surpasses those of our competitors; we have a unique way of sharing our knowledge with our clients through continuous observation, one-on-one sessions, and education. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO John C. Neyland, JCN Financial is about much more than investments. Our vision is that people from all walks of life will be empowered to create the secure future they deserve, and it comes from John himself. It’s who we are. It’s our passion. It’s in our DNA.


We want to empower our clients to be in control of their own destinies and become money savvy in their financial decisions. We invest time in building longstanding relationships to better assess customer needs and get them to where they want to be, now and in the future. The caliber and quality of JCN Financial services are a direct reflection of our DNA.

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Our suite of services includes fiduciary advisory and investment planning. We also work with our clients to strategize and optimize their asset portfolios.

JCN understands how to overcome obstacles associated with financial planning, and we guide our clients through the strategic insights and implementation of their plans.

JCN Financial Client Services:
  • In-depth financial and tax analysis plan
  • Custom-tailored investment advisory plan
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Distribution plan
  • Retirement planning
  • College funding plan
  • JCN Financial Risk Management Strategy
    • Decrease Volatility and Average Annual Drawdown
    • Protect against “Market Crash” Environments
    • Apply tactical fixed income strategies to mitigate
    • Interest Rate risks

The JCN team provides Monthly Financial Education Sessions on topics such as:

  • Understanding the Market
  • What’s RMD?
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Minimize Risk
  • Control

If you are interested in learning more about JCN Financial or want to join one of our monthly sessions, please contact us by clicking the button below.

*Only financial advisors who are fiduciaries are required to act in the best interests of their clients. Some, but not all, financial advisors are fiduciaries. When you’re the beneficiary of a fiduciary relationship, you give that fiduciary discretionary authority over your assets.

Your financial needs always come first.

Key Benefits to Partnering with JCN Financial:

Customized guidance and services based on your future

Simple fee structure

Relationship that is personal, attentive, responsive and transparent

JCN is the advisory firm, we manage and invest the assets, and FDIC TD Ameritrade is the custodian that houses the assets

Meet the Founder

John has a very diversified background. He is an ordinary person who has done extraordinary things. He is a dedicated family man who is also a savvy financial businessman, an entrepreneur, an empowering speaker, and an author with an inspiring story to tell about overcoming his life obstacles, starting with his difficult childhood.

John was born into a troubled home environment in South Louisiana. With an abusive father and an alcoholic mother, he experienced a hurtful and unloving childhood. At the age of 15, shortly after meeting the love of his life, he developed a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). From that moment on, John struggled with his family life and the rigors of living with OCD. After years of progressively overcoming his pains, he transformed his life into a monument of love, strength, and success. He is a dedicated husband and father of three. He attributes his successes to having passion, a mission, and a goal. John is dedicated to enabling people to enjoy a life they otherwise would not have.

John is the Founder, Owner, and President of JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group. As a Fiduciary Investment Financial Advisor, John is certified in Series 7 Commemorative Securities, General Securities, and is a Series 66 Uniformed Security Agent/Registered Investment Advisor. John is also a member of Ed Slott’s elite IRA Advisory Group and holds other certifications from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, is an Advanced IRA Rollover and Distribution Expert, and a Senior Tax Eliminator. JCN Financial services more than 300 clients and generates millions of dollars in Assets Under Management (AUM).*

With a passion for helping disadvantaged youth in his community, John has not only sponsored local charitable organizations, but has also established the John’s Dream Foundation, an organization dedicated to positively transforming the lives and mindsets of inner city young adults. In addition, John has founded S3 (Strength Science Studio) in Baton Rouge, LA. S3 focuses on providing the ideal training for those looking for a less invasive gym environment.

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John is on a mission to help people connect the dots between their past, present, and future. Through fascinating stories and advice, he has become one of the most in-demand speakers on how to live a purpose-driven life. He provides a boost of inspiration and a roadmap for those of us seeking to better the world. A noted expert in this area, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC and numerous other media outlets.

In a further effort to make a difference, John’s first book, How to Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream, explains what he has learned, how he has grown, and how he has made it his life’s mission to help others achieve their dreams. Dedicated to giving back, John shares how to turn personal struggles into positive outcomes.

The value of our lives is measured by how we leave others in our wake, whether it’s our spouses, our children, or the person down the street,” Neyland says. “Plan on helping someone, somewhere or somehow, on a regular basis. If you do this and do it earnestly, you’ll be surprised at what it does for your own life.”

Meet the Team

We don't just offer advice. We teach understanding.

If you're ready for highly personalized financial guidance that also strengthens your own financial understanding, talk to JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group today.

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