Our Story

JCN’s roots lie within my childhood. My mother was an alcoholic and money was often a problem to afford our family’s bills. At a very young age, I learned that money could either be a doorway or a barricade to one’s happiness. My memory of her hardship drives me to help others to this day.

Prior to becoming a financial advisor, I was in the contracting business. One day, my mother-in-law was sharing her concern about losing money in her investments. Although I had no experience in the matter, it was important for me to help her. I accompanied her to a meeting with her financial advisor. I was largely underwhelmed and disappointed with this service. There was no financial plan for my mother-in-law for her retirement. He could not explain why she was losing money, and he just had a “hold on and it will come back” attitude. I remember saying to myself “Why be an advisor if you don’t have a passion for it?”

This meeting inspired me to begin a new career path. I saw the potential of helping hundreds, hopefully, thousands of people this way. I quit the contracting business and studied to become an investment advisor.

I put my mother’s face on every individual that walks into my door and help them live a better life. 

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