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What is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

At JCN Financial, we are proud to bear the name of a fiduciary financial advisory firm. What is a fiduciary financial advisor? Being a fiduciary means that we have a legal and moral responsibility to make decisions in your best interest when it comes to your high-net-worth financial planning.

As mentioned, any individual or firm that is a fiduciary is held to a higher standard of care that requires them to make financial decisions legally and ethically in good faith rather than for personal benefit. This includes disclosing and avoiding conflicts of interest, being fully transparent about results, and disclosing all information.

How do I know if my financial advisor is a fiduciary? The easiest way to know if your advisor is a fiduciary is to ask. From there, you can verify their status. If they are indeed fiduciaries, they will be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Another thing to look for is whether they are working with an investment advisor representative (IAR). If so, then you can trust that they are fiduciaries.

If you are looking for a fiduciary financial advisor, look no further than JCN Financial. We are registered with the SEC as a fiduciary and offer business professionals, individuals, families, and retirees personalized experiences that help them build a better financial future.

Financial lingo can cause some confusion, especially when you see terms like fiduciary used on some advisory firms’ websites but not others. While you might naturally assume that most financial advisors are trustworthy partners, finding one that is also a fiduciary allows you to feel confident in that.

All financial advisors are held to Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) at the very minimum. Fiduciaries, like JCN Financial, just take that level of ethical and legal obligation a step further. Unlike Reg BI, the fiduciary standard of care is legally binding, meaning that you can fully trust that your needs will be met first and foremost.

Other differences between a fiduciary and a financial advisor include:

  1. Financial Service Capabilities
    Financial advisors typically focus on short-term success, and their focus primarily lies on investment portfolio review. Fiduciaries, however, look at the big picture, offering solutions that consider each part of your financial plan, whether it’s tax and charitable projections, allocation reviews, or retirement planning. For us, our financial plans also take into consideration your personal goals on top of your financial goals to help you achieve the life you have always dreamed of.
  2. Tax Planning
    Unlike broker-dealers, who typically can’t discuss tax strategies unrelated to investments, a fiduciary can provide tax planning services to their clients as part of their comprehensive financial plan. Helping you keep as much of your wealth as possible is a critical part of each area of your finances. This is especially relevant in areas like high-net-worth retirement planning, as understanding the tax implications of different accounts can help you get the most out of your dollar.
  3. Compensation
    One of the big differences between a fiduciary and a financial advisor is the way they get paid. Broker-dealers, or standard financial advisors, can take a commission for buying or selling, which may or may not be transparent at the beginning of your partnership. They can also receive additional compensation for selling you certain products, and they may recommend them to you even if they aren’t necessarily the best product for your needs.

JCN Financial Puts Your Best Interests First. Always.

What is a fiduciary financial advisor? Fiduciary financial advisors are legally obligated to provide you with accurate, honest, and thorough financial advice, placing your best interests before anything else.

At JCN Financial, a fiduciary financial advisory firm, you’re more than just a client. We value our relationships with those who trust us to set them up for financial success. Offering you this type of person-first care is embedded in who we are, but to back it up, we have taken additional steps to earn the fiduciary title, meaning that we are legally obligated to put your needs ahead of our own.

When you choose us for your wealth management, you’re gaining a partner who you can trust will put your best interests first through each and every financial planning stage.

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